quick sketch

Boring bridge

So it's under a bridge at least... just nothing really exciting going on. Anyways, started with a tiny thumbnail and grew from there. No color but I struggle with color so all in good time I say;)

What you guys think?

Sketchamathon theme #2

Under The Bridge!

have fun and draw some cool shat!

bots and chics part deux

only managed to get this one out :P


So i loved this up until I started coloring the girl...... GAH! I don't understand how to paint skin tones or just painting humans in general..

anyways, i apologize for the pain your eyes are experiencing... but thought i would post it anyways.
any pointers???


C & B

So here's some doodles to get going. I like the bottom right idea and will probably flush it out some more.

Chics and bots extended till next Sunday

chase's chics and bots

it feels like drawing robots and girls is becoming less tedious and infuriating. if anyone has any tips let me know, i want to get better at this stuff :) \i'm looking forward to seeing everyone's stuff.

The Plan

A sketch every day whether it's a sketch on a napkin or 23 hr study, it's due today!