Feather head

progress continues. Not sure if my lighting is right.......

30 min study

Lesson learned?  Keep studying...

goliath beetle type guy thing stuff

scribbled this guy during a meeting today.



boooooo @ deadlines! they're making me :(


a face

Sorry I've been absent the last couple posts. I think I'm gonna work on one thing over the next couple months and just post daily progress. This is a continuation from my other post: Squawk

The eyes have it..

quick sketch before dinner.
watched a couple awesome zbrush tutorials starring davey jones, obviously inspired by it.

warm up

quick 15 minute, couldn't get started this morning...

spent time polishing previous post...


oh how tired is funny...

back in action


Back in 1999, I wanted to be this cool.

1 head

sketched during lunchhhh

i present to u, a head, with teeth

Played with some iPhone skins for work...

just messing around with some robot themed stuff for some iPhone skins for our studio...  Robot Entertainment.

princess of mars finds the headless valley

sorry for missing the past couple days- i was out of town- but i'll scan in what i did when i get home.

but here is my submission for today- i was reading the chessmen from mars bu edgar rice and this scene from the book really struck me so a did a quick color sketch. and now i only hope i can find some time to hammer this one out.


good god what a crazy week this has been for me.

Zombie prom queen

Have a great weekend everyone


watch out before he chews on U

Tonights...hot mess

Baby Kraken?

I dunno.

Wizard Con Toronto inc

gone to the con.... see u mondayzzz!!



might actually finish this one later, lol


my left arm is twisted!!!


she said no


Eye is tired





I have no idea what happened here

now what

gotta get a PS3.......I can has $300?



Blah Blah blah blah boooooop

puh puh ppppuh

the bizarreness continues

another blah~

last night

hi I'm new here ~


this post was hijacked by the sleep monster...

Fegan Mox

Ok, this is the last likeness I do for a while. I started this on Friday and was hoping to do a caricature but it ended up being a 6 hour portrait. Why are pretty people so much harder to draw than ugly people?

fucking robots

took a different approach to drawing robots- draw them like its fun- so far the charade is working.

girls girls girlsssss

Quickie thumbs of some girls after work tonight...



Three hour sketch(ish)

^_^ i took too long!


The Plan

A sketch every day whether it's a sketch on a napkin or 23 hr study, it's due today!